In search of……..interview with Harm Evert Waalkens

Harm Evert Waalkens is the son of ‘farmer’ Waalkens from Finsterwolde. Albert Waalkens, what’s Boer Waalkens’ official name is, in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century was a gallery owner in Finsterwolde. Bas Jan Ader participated in a group exhibition at Waalkens Gallery in the 70s, together with Gilbert & George, Ger van Elk and William Leavitt. Harm Evert Waalkens (from 1998-2010 member of parliament on behalf of Partij voor de Arbeid) tried to recollect his memories about the gallery, and tried to sketch the importance of the gallery for the region. The video interview with Harm Evert Waalkens was part of the In Search of…-exhibition at the Reformed Church in Nieuwe Beerta from 2nd of September – 28th of October 2012. Camera + editing: Klaas Koetje. Directors: Dost/Koetje.
Video is in Dutch.

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