In search of……..interview with Harm Evert Waalkens

Harm Evert Waalkens is the son of ‘farmer’ Waalkens from Finsterwolde. Albert Waalkens, what’s Boer Waalkens’ official name is, in the 60s and 70s of the 20th century was a gallery owner in Finsterwolde. Bas Jan Ader participated in a group exhibition at Waalkens Gallery in the 70s, together with Gilbert & George, Ger van […]

In search of…. interview with Tjark Tijdens

Tjark Tijdens lived in the same village as Bas Jan Ader when they were young. Together they attended primary school and Bas Jan Ader stayed with the Tijdens Family for some time when things weren’t going ok at home. In a later stage Tijdens visited Bas Jan Ader in America, he tells about this visit […]

in search of…. interview with Hans Smit

Hans Smit was classmate of Bas Jan Ader at the secondary school in Winschoten. In this video interview he tells about how surprised he was when he heard Bas Jan Ader was missing, after he went on this trip with his little boat. The interview was included in the In Search of…-exhibition at the Reformed […]

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