Reading the Drawing – Narrative in Contemporary Art and Comics

Artists: Antistrot, Pedro Bakker, Frederic Coche (BE), B.C. Epker, Dominique Goblet (BE), Johan Gustavsson (SW), Harma Heikens, Lesanka Honigh, Chiaki Kamikawa (JP), Oskar Nilsson (SW), Jonas Ohlsson (SW), Sam Peeters, Martine Rademakers, Witte Wartena, Ytje
Curators: Lennard Dost & Tsjalling Venema

The first exhibition I ever curated was Reading the Drawing – Narrative in Contemporary Art and Comics at SIGN, Groningen (co-curated with Tsjalling Venema, at present owner of With Tsjalling Gallery, Groningen, The Netherlands).
Reading the Drawing was a group exhibition with artists and comic artists, and focused on narrativity in art and comics. With Reading the Drawing we wanted to research at what moment reading becomes watching, and at what moment watching becomes reading. One could also ask if a distinction between art and comics is still relevant in a our modern day world. Can we continue to judge artwork by art related criteria and comic art by comic art related criteria, or is this an obsolete idea?

With this exhibition Tsjalling & I intended to emphasize that drawing is gradually doing better in the art world (which also could be conluded from exhibitions like Drastic Drawing and Into Drawing: Contemporary Dutch Drawings).
This fact was coupled with our own backgrounds as freelance art and comic journalist, and the position of Groningen as a city that loves art and comics. Personal context, geographical context and art historical context got together quite nicely, and led to an intriguing total.

Photos © SIGN.

Reading the Drawing – Narrative in Contemporary Art and Comics was made possible with the financial support of: Je Maintiendraifonds, Stichting Het Roode- of Burgerweeshuis.


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