LEXICON/LEKSIKON Curator: Lennard Dost Dates: 30th of November 2013 – 11th of January 2014 Location: emtpy shop, Leeuwarden city centre Artists: Imogen Stidworthy – Jascha Blume – Koos Dalstra – Anri Sala – Lawrence Abu Hamdan – Bouke Groen Lexicon/Leksikon was a project about accents, dialects and local languages. How do we make use of language in specific communities, how do we define ourselves via language and how do we distinct ourselves from others via language?... Read more

Complaints Choir registration

On the 1st of February 2013 the Complaints Choir Leeuwarden performded in the city centre of Leeuwarden. Hereby the video registration of the performance. Video is in Dutch.  Read More

Complaints Choir performance broadcasted on Omrop Fryslan

Omrop Fryslan attended the performance of Complaints Choir Leeuwarden. The item was broadcasted on January 2013 in the K-rute programme. Video is in Dutch.  Read More