Young Collectors

Curators: Lennard Dost & Mare van Koningsveld

In 2009 the Young Collectors program started at SIGN (Groningen), of which Mare van Koningsveld and I were curators + initiators. Young Collectors did research the function and role of young art collectors in the art world, and consisted of a series of 3 exhibitions (2009-2011), about art collections from Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. Also part of the project were discussions and a symposium.

Young Collectors 1
Date: 18th of October – 14th of November 2009
Location: SIGN, Winschoterkade 10 Groningen
Collection of Christian Schwarm
Artists: Peter Piller, Haegue Yang, Hubert Dobler, David Horvitz and Fiona Banner

The first exhibition was about the collection of Christian Schwarm (Stuttgart, 1972). Schwarm at that time was founder/manager at a marketing office in Stuttgart/Berlin. In 2008 he founded the Independent Collectors platform ( ), a big online community for collectors of contemporary art. At this website art collectors can meet eachother, discuss their collectionss, rate galleries and exchange information. Since Independent Collectors started, thousands of art collectors from more than 75 countries subscribed.

During a talk at the opening Schwarm and his IC colleague Tommi Brem were interviewed by Tsjalling Venema (owner With Tsjalling Gallery, Groningen, The Netherlands), about their collections and about the Independent Collectors platform. They also discussed the climate for art collectors in germany, the relationship between art galleries and art collectors and about the Collectors Dual (an initiative of IC, whereby art collectors can exchange art).

Photos © SIGN

Young Collectors 2
Date: 13th of March – 25th of April 2010
Location: SIGN, Winschoterkade 10 Groningen
Collectors: Johan Delcour & Monia Warnez
Artists: Jana Gunstheimer (DE), Michaël Aerts (BE), Sascha Weidner (DE), Artists Anonymous, (DE/GB), Norbert Bisky (DE), Léon Vranken (BE), Anneke Eussen (NL), Kati Heck (BE/DE), Adam Leech(BE/USA), Léopold Rabus (CH), Joris Van de Moortel (BE), Veronica Brovall (SE) and Stephan Balleux (BE)

The second YC exhibition was about the JoMO Art Collection of Belgian collectors Johan Delcour (BE, 1970) and Monia Warnez (BE, 1974). Delcour & Warnez are the owners of photo lab Fotorama in Wevelgem, Belgium.
As curators they a.o. curated Amusez Vous at Galerie Koal (Berlijn), about the meaning of entertainment in contemporary society (artists, a.o: Stephan Balleux, Wesley Meuris and Michael Aerts).
In 2010 they curated an exhibition as part of the International Photo Festival at Knokke-Heist (Belgium). The exhibition was about the commercial illusion as created by advertising agencies.

The day after the opening – on the 14th of March 2010 – Delcour and Warnez had a conversation with Tanguy Eeckhout, curator of Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Deurle (Belgium). The conversation was about the JoMo Collection, but also about the art collectors climate in Belgium and the way this climate differs from the climate in Holland.

Photos © SIGN

Unfortunately Tanguy Eeckhout passed away in the beginning of 2018. We will always remember him as an enthusiastic, skilled and very friendly colleague.

Young Collectors 3
Date: 27th of November 2010 – 9th of January 2011
Location: SIGN, Winschoterkade 10 Groningen
Collectors: Jaring Dürst Britt and Alexander Mayhew
Artists: Paul Beumer, Rosa Boekhorst, Jeroen Bosch, Tim Braden, Esther Bruggink, Marcel van Eeden, Fendry Ekel, Claire Fontaine, Cyprien Gaillard, Folkert de Jong, Marijn van Kreij, Ben Kruisdijk, Zeger Reyers, Anke Roder, Karen Sargsyan, Levi van Veluw, Mark Wallinger, Simon Schrikker, Gert-Jan Kocken, Nare Eloyan

The third and last exhibition of the Young Collectors project was about the collection of Jaring Dürst Britt and Alexander Mayhew (Netherlanbds). Dürst Britt (Heerde, 1981) is art historian, and at the time was director at Nieuwe Vide art space (Haarlem, The Netherlands). Mayhew (Amsterdam, 1973) was art critic, copy writer, trainer and actor for companies and non-profit organisations. At present Jaring & Alexander are owners of Durst Britt & Mayhew Gallery in The Hague, Holland.

On the day of the opening (27th of November 2010) Dürst Britt and Alexander Mayhew were interviewed at the Frank Mohr Institute (Groningen) by Arno van Roosmalen (director/curator STROOM, The Hague).

Photos © SIGN

Young Collectors Symposium
Also part of the project: the symposium ‘Art Collecting during the monetary crisis’, about art collecting in our current world. As part of the symposium there were lectures of trendwatcher/art collector Kai van Hasselt, art critic/writer Renee Steenbergen (author of ‘De Nieuwe Mecenas’) and economist Pim van Klink. Moderator was Raymond Frenken (at that time editor of Kunstbeeld art magazine). At the end of the day there was a discussion moderated by Frenken, with Van Klink, Steeenbergen and Van Hassselt participating.
The symposium was organized on the 17th of April 2010 at Het Paleis, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Photos © SIGN

Young Collectors was financially made possible by Mondriaan Fund, SNS Reaal Fonds, Kunstraad Groningen, Gemeente Groningen and Stichting Roode-of Burgerweeshuis.



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