Nieuwe Vide program 2016

From 1st of May 2015 till 31st of January 2019 I was working as director/curator at Nieuwe Vide art space in Haarlem, The Netherlands. (3,5 days a week, on a freelance basis).

As a director/curator my tasks a.o. included:
– budgetting
– applying for funds
– drafting contracts for freelancers
– composing a program
– composing and leading a team
– editor-in-chief of a new magazine
– communicating with stakeholders
– curating and designing exhibitions
– stimulating press coverage.

I was founder of Nieuwe Vide’s Journal of Humanity as well and came up with the Focus Artist-concept. I also started the Soup Corner in 2016 (weekly eating soup together with people form the neighbourhood and people that hire a studio at Nieuwe Vide).

Topic Program 2016: Counterculture

Program 2016 supported by: Mondriaan Fund, Gemeente Haarlem
1-year-collaboration-with-artist Toon Fibbe (2016) supported by: Mondriaan Fund
Participation at Supermarket Art Fair 2016 supported by: Mondriaan Fund
Neighbourhood program 2016 supported by: Stichting DOEN

Below the projects that have been organized as part of the 2016 program.

Date: 16th Jan – 8th March 2016
Curator: Lennard Dost
About: American writer Thomas Pynchon.
Artists: Katharina Swoboda, Azahara Cerezo, Pia Louwerens, Bernardo Zanotta, Koos Dalstra, Pablo Pijnappel, Machteld Rullens, Lance Wakeling.
Incl. lectures by Joanna Freer, Koos Dalstra. Incl. lecture performance by Pia Louwerens.
Incl publication (articles by a.o. Graa Boomsna, Arie Altena, Joanna Freer, Klaas Koetje).
Press: Metropolis M (interview),, Tubelight

Date: 10-14th Feb 2016
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Curator: Lennard Dost
Artists: Saskia Burggraaf, Marianne Hamersma, Vito Willems, Lex van der Meij, Gosse van der Leij, Rob Bouwman & Vincent Uilenbroek, Janneke Hopman, Robert van Luyck, Beth Namenwirth, Maartje Overmars.
Press: Trendbeheer

Date: 18th March – 3rd April 2016
Curator: Lennard Dost
Concept: We sent 3 artists to London, to take the Jubilee Line metro and create works based on this trip. Works were exhibited in the exhibition.
Artists: Jantine Wijnja, Dora Benyo, Polina Medvedeva
Incl. afterparty Haarlemse Lente (18th March), with performances of Steye Felix, De Witte Dieven, ’t Vlaggenschip. Dj’s: Crusty Locks, Henkerchief.
Press: Trendbeheer

Date: 21st-24th April 2016
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Artist: Toon Fibbe. We collaborated intensively with Fibbe in 2016, as he was Nieuwe Vide’s 1st Focus Artist. The Focus Artist concept was initiated by me in 2016. From 2016 on, each year there was 1 artist with whom we collaborated intensively. He/she got a solo-project, participated in group exhibitions and represented Nieuwe Vide at this art fair. Fibbe also was coach/teacher of an opera project (a collaboration between Nieuwe Vide and Royal Academy of Art, The Hague) and wrote texts for a no. of our magazine.
Press: Reflektor M, SHIFT Magazine

Date: 23rd April – 8th May 2016
Coaches: Marianne Hamersma, Steye Felix.
Kids: Saskia Hartog, Hanna Tuente, Iris Komen, Lauret Kortman, Lisanne Snoei, Charlotte Bolhuis, Ruben Zwolsman
Concept: education programme for kids in age of 14-19. The project took couple of months, in which they got introduced in Dutch art world, did workshops, visited galleries and museums, and in the end; created their own exhibition with art works created by themselves.
Press: Haarlems Dagblad

Photos © Saskia Burggraaf

Date: 27th May -19th June 2016
Concept: tribute to Dutch comic artist Peter Pontiac, who at the time had just died.
Curator: Lennard Dost
Artists: Peter Pontiac, Margreet de Heer, Aimee de Jongh, Erik Kriek, Typex, Lamelos, Harma Heikens, Hajo, Bart Nijstad, Barbara Stok, Willem de Ridder, Roel Smit, Hugo Kaagman, Fake Booij, Schwantz, Maia Matches, Bert Bleek, Yiri T. Kohl, Bianca Sistermans & Hester van Hasselt, Erik Wielaert. Shamrock, Vlerk.
Bands playing at the opening: ET Explore Me, The Pignose Willy’s, Jetblack Fiftysix.
Dj: the Plastic Fantastic Timemachine.
Poetry by: Peter van der Wal.
Incl. publication (articles by a.o. Mark van den Tempel, Gert Jan Pos, Joost Pollmann, Chris Kijne, Peter Moerenhout).
Press:, Haarlems Dagblad

Photos © Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu

Date: June-Dec 2016
Curator/initiator: Mare van Koningsveld
About: series of film screenings related to topic of migration.
– 16th June: Dear Sister (2016) by Canadian-Iranian film maker/artist Rah Eleh + The Cyclist (1987) director Mohsen Makhmalbaf
– 7th July: Britanya (2002) by Marjoleine Boonstra + Samba (2014) by Eric Toledo & Olivier Nakache
– 28th July: Mezomara by Canadian artist Giulana Racco + Nuovomondo by director Emanuele Crialese
– 25th August: The Right of Passage (2013) by artists Oliver Ressler & Zanny Begg + Borders (2013) by director Jacqueline van Vugt. After the screening of Borders, there was a Q and A with Van Vugt (moderated by van Koningsveld)
– 29th Sept: Overruled (2016) by Iranian directors Farnaz Jurabchian and Mohammadreza Jurabchian + Sonia (2015) by Iranian director Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami
– 20th October: The Baron (2002) by Romanian artist Stefan Constantinescu + Stellet Licht (2007) by director Carlos Reygadas
– 10th November: Voluntary Return (2014) by Dutch artist Ivette Mrova Zub + Persepolis (2007) by Marjane Sartrapi & Vincent Paronnaud. After screening of ‘Voluntary return’ there was a Q & A with Ivette Mrova Zub (moderated by Van Koningsveld)
– 1st december: How to dismantle an international border (2012) by artist Julio M. Romero + Sleep Dealer by director Alex Rivera.

Date: July-December 2016
Curator/initiator: Mare van Koningsveld
About: workshop series about (social) design aand sustainability.
– 9th July: lecture + workshop by Ron Krielen
– 1st October: lecture + workshop by Elze van den Akker
– 12th November: workshop by Zeefteef
– 10th december: workshop by Joost Dankelman & Frederic de Miliano

Photos © Mare van Koningsveld

Date: 8th-31st July 2016
Artist: Toon Fibbe. Collaborated intensively with Fibbe in 2016, as he was Nieuwe Vide’s 1st Focus Artist. Focus Artist concept was initiated by me and started in 2016. From 2016 on each year there was 1 artist with whom we collaborated intensively. He/she got a solo-project, participated in a group exhibition, and represented Nieuwe Vide at an art fair
Press: –

Photos © Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu

Date: 9th September – 13th November 2016
Curator: Lennard Dost
About: wifi and digital utopianism. Did the internet live up to it’s promise of liberating tool?
Artists: Roel Roscam Abbing, Dennis de Bel, Gabor Kerekes, Natasha Taylor, Lance Wakeling, Deeplab, Claudia Mate, Ryan S. Jeffery & Boaz Levin, Richard Vijgen, Raluca Croitoru.
Incl. publication (articles by a.o. Geert Lovink, Josephine Bosma, Theo Ploeg, Michael Stevenson, Arie Altena, Toon Fibbe)
Incl. lectures by Theo Ploeg, Michael Stevenson, Arie Altena, Josephine Bosma.
Incl. outdoor cinema (Steve Jobs, Lo and behold: Reveries of the Connected world)
Press: De Volkskrant, Haarlems Dagblad, Haarlem 105 Radio, Jegens en Tevens (interview Natasha Taylor), Metropolis M

Photos © Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu

Date: 25th Nov 2016
Artists: Martha Colburn, Rita Braga
Press: Haarlems Dagblad

Date: September-December 2016
Curator/initiator: Mare van Koningsveld
About: film club for migrants now living in Haarlem
Participants: Obaid Hosainyaar, Noor Issa, Anas Issa, Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu, KH Sajedeh, Zara Marea.
They came together once every two weeks, discussed films, created films themselves with cellphone, about their lives in Haarlem.
With screening on 18th dec 2016 of films the paricipants made + movies that had something to do with migration and/or represented personal situation of the participants. Films were selected by participants of the workshop.
13:05-14:00 Obaid’s choice: ‘Lost treasures of Afghanistan’ (James Barrat, 2004)
14:00-16:05 Zara’s choice: ‘Yume’ (‘Dreams’ – Akira Kurosawa, Ishirô Honda, 1990)
16:20-18:00 Saji’s choice: ‘Ta’m e guilass’ (‘A taste of cherry’ – Abbas Kiarostami, 1997)
18:00-19:30 Diner by Ricky + “Table talks” with artist Polina Medvedeva & curator Katayoun Arian.
19:30-21:30 Bogdan’s choice: ‘Pozitia Copilului’ (‘Child’s Pose’ – Calin Peter Netzer, 2013)
21:30: Anas’ choice: ‘Syrian Love Story’ (2016), Syrian Ministry of Tourism
Press: Haarlems Dagblad

Photos © Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu

Date: Sept-Dec 2016
Students: Sara Ceruti, Berk Duygun, Daniele Formica, Hanna Ijas, Shani Leseman, Brigitte Louter, Julia Olaussen, Valter Palaps, Salome Pegler, Kristel Rigaud, Merel van Erpen Rooijaards, Emilie Ruitinga, Leonie Schneider, jan Steenman
Coach/curator: Toon Fibbe
Concept: Lennard Dost
About: Opera created by students KABK (The Hague), with as context: Bertolt Brecht. Students got taught about Brecht and critical potential of opera during weekly sessions, and created and performed new opera as conclusion of project.
Incl. publication (articles by a.o. Kester Freriks, Millie Taylor, Luuk Verpaalen, Michiel Westbeek, Patricia Simpson, Doc Rossi)
Press: Jegens en Tevens

Photos © Bogdan Andrei Bordeianu











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