Gemeente Utrecht

PROJECTLEIDER CORONA HERSTELPAKKET CULTUUR. ON FREELANCE BASIS, 32H A WEEK. In March 2021 I started working as ‘Projectleider Corona Herstelpakket Cultuur’ at the cultural department of Gemeente Utrecht. On a freelance basis, 4 days a week, till end of December 2021. I will be helping out with setting up the COVID-19 recovery package and implementation […]

Stroom Den Haag

COORDINATOR ANTHROPOLOGY OF PUBLIC SPACE RESEARCH PROGRAM ‘Stroom Den Haag (an independent foundation founded in 1990) is an art center with a wide range of activities. Starting from the visual arts, architecture, urban planning and design the program focuses on the urban environment. Stroom organizes exhibitions, projects, lectures, workshops and excursions. It initiates research and […]

Gemeente Den Haag

From 1st of January – 31st of December 2019 I worked as Fine Art Specialist (Senior Policy Advisor) at City of the Hague. On the payroll. 36h a week. As Fine Art Specialist I a.o. :– designed and developed ‘Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019’;– was casemanager of Subsidieregeling makers Den Haag 2019;– together with communication […]