Nature Now

NATURE NOW Date: 2012 Location: CBK Drenthe Curator: Toos Arends Artists: Ivan Henriques – Tanja Koning & Nele Vos – Erik Odijk – Reinier Lagendijk – Dennis Amatdjais – Sjef Meijman – Peter de Cupere – Sema Bekirovic – Persijn Broersen en Margit Lukacz – Claudy Jongstra and Ronald van der Meijs In the summer of 2012 I worked as projectcoordinator at CBK Drenthe in Assen, The Netherlands. I a.o. helped with organizing the... Read more

In Search of…

IN SEARCH OF… Curators: Lennard Dost & Daniël Dennis de Wit Just like Bas Jan Ader, I originate from Winschoten, a small town in the province of Groningen (The Netherlands). Because of this shared background, I’ve always felt I needed to explore Bas Jan Ader’s oeuvre further.  Ader grew up in Nieuwe-Beerta (close to Winschoten), where his father was vicar at the Reformed Church, and where the Ader’s lived at the vicarage. After World War II the... Read more

In Search of… Interview with mrs. Kuiper-Bruins

Mrs. Tantje Kuiper-Bruins used to work as maid at the Ader family from 1942-1946. In this interview she tells about that time, about the war, about the people that were hiding during WWII, and the upbringing of Bas Jan Ader and his brother Erik. The interview could be seen at the In Search Of…-exhibition at the Reformed Church in Nieuwe Beerta from 2nd of September – 28th of October 2012, together with the video interviews with Tjark Tijdens, Hans Smit and Harm Evert... Read more